The Work Horse

Heavy Duty Applications

Remanufactured in America by true-blue Americans, our Work Horse line is meant for heavy duty performance applications. Tried and true, all of our Work Horse transmissions can handle over 400hp at a minimum and most of them can handle up to 500 horse power at a max.

Though we fully remanufacture all of our transmissions, the Work Horse line comes with many upgraded parts that a stock replacement transmission wouldn't normally come with. Such as performance shift kits, upgraded pumps, upgraded drums, performance clutches, recalibrated valve bodies, high flow filters, high performance bands, sprags, accumulators, and much more. The Work Horse is ready for any front!

Unchanging and steadfast we are here for our clients from the first time they call, to years after they've ordered and need fast knowledgeable tech assistance. Our American pride shows in the quality of every build we produce on God's green earth. We go above and beyond to ensure that our Work Horse line shifts true and endures for the years to come! We are devoted to our clients, and there for them when they need us the most. Striving to help them with all of there transmissions needs. You Can Trust, Transmission Factory!