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    Item #: TF263

    This remanufactured 700R4 Transmission comes with a matching torque converter, ready to install and do burnouts in the name of freedom!

    3yr Warranty

    Fast & Easy Core Return

    We also have the option to purchase performance upgrades and custom stalls for your 700R4 torque converter. If you are interested in performance torque converter upgrades please give us a call. One of our knowledgeable techs will be able to help you with the best options for your application.

    The 700R4 is ideal for vehicles that are powered by engines with performance upgrades. We can build them out specifically for your application whether that be Towing, Off roading, or Racing. There is the option of 4x4 or 2 wheel drive for this transmission. This 700R4 is rated for engines producing up to 450hp/400tq.

    The 700R4 Transmission features:

    The latest american technology in our industry with the best machined internal components for the best strength and dependability. All units are thoroughly inspected by hand, blue printed and machine tested to ensure that your investment is completely flawless!

    Upgraded & Replaced Internal Components:

    Precision Master Overhaul Kit
    Superior High Performance Shift Reprogramming Kit
    Super Pump
    Direct/Reverse Input Drum
    Turbine Input Clutch Housing
    Modified Input Sun Gear (to increase forward planetary lubrication)

    Modified Sunshell Drive Gear (to increase rear planetary lubrication)
    Updated/Modified Accumulators
    High Performance Band
    Updated and Modified Governor with Spring Kit and Nylon Gear

    Recalibrated Valve Body with Updated TV Valve Assembly
    Recalibrated Valve Plate For Shift Firmness

    New High Low Filter
    New Low/Reverse Heavy Duty Sprag
    New Heavy Duty Forward Input Sprag
    New High Performance Aluminum Servo

      *Special Note: If you are planning a direct transmission swap it is required to re-use your existing tail-housing and speedometer gear for your new unit. This transmission may not come equipped with a new Speedometer Gear or Tail-housing. For the system to operate properly, all throttle linkage, vacuum lines and kick-down components must be connected and adjusted properly. If this is a computer operated transmission, you must ensure the system has been cleared and ready to accept the new transmission, your local auto parts store, auto repair or dealership can assist with this.